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Polish Scouting Organization (ZHP) - Clark chapter is headquartered in Polish Cultural Foundation. The principles of the Polish Scouting Organization - Z.H.P., Inc. Clark Chapter are based on the ideology of Lord Baden Powell and the traditions of the Polish Scouting Movement founded by Andrzej Małkowski, and are expressed in the promise and law of Scouting

The Polish Scouting organization aims:

  • to develop the physical, mental and moral strength of youth of Polish descent and to train them in good citizenship
  • to perpetuate the ethnic traditions in the fields of Polish language, history and culture as well as their contribution to the American mosaic
  • to train youth of Polish descent in the principles of scouting
  • to promote the ability of youth of Polish descent to be independent, to serve others by scoutcraft, and to emphasize patriotism, courage, self-reliance and kindred virtues
  • to stress knowledge of outdoors, a love of nature, the manual arts, sports and similar activities

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone:

Polish Scouting Organization - Clark Chapter
Polish Cultural Foundation
177 Broadway
Clark, NJ 07066


We organize:

  • excursions
  • bivouacs
  • climbing
  • academies
  • bonfire
  • canoeing
  • archery
  • hiking, and

Scout camps, which means:

  • life in a pioneer-style
  • sleeping in tents
  • field kitchen
  • terrain orientation
  • outdoor games
  • sport activities
  • bonfire
  • and many more attractions!

Greetings with traditional scouting