School enrollment

School enrollment for 2024/25

Polish Supplementary School of the Polish Cultural Foundation – “I speak, read and write in Polish”

We cordially invite you to join us at the Polish Cultural Foundation to continue your adventure in improving your Polish language skills and expanding your knowledge about Polish culture, tradition and customs.

If you care about educating your children in accordance with Polish traditions, values and good manners- our school will enable you to achieve this.

We have managed to create a family type Polish atmosphere , based on traditional Polish Patriotic values and ideals.

Lessons at our school are not a static presentation of material read by the teacher and recited by the students. Classes involve the active involvement of each student through a conversation with the teacher and also between students with an emphasis on a practical understanding of the material discussed in Polish.

We implement a curriculum based on hands-on participation with a focus on the Polish language, our Polish culture and Polish art with student involvement on various extracurricular activities.

We emphasize practical knowledge of the Polish language, our culture, art and customs.

Students learn Polish culinary traditions, also by preparing Polish dishes themselves.

We also invite children willing to learn Polish who currently only speak English.

Classes are held:

  • in large, bright classrooms
  • if the weather permits, classes are held outdoors.
  • at the Foundation, we have many open green spaces located on our 3.5 acres of property that provide serene locations for outdoor reading lessons or play.
  • in our Library, where we have several thousands of books for our students to enjoy
  • in a Fairy Tale Room, also adapted for art & craft activities
  • in the Foundations Art Gallery
  • in the outdoor Atrium – a peaceful courtyard retreat located within the Foundation’s building that is surrounded by trees and shrubs, with a small intimate stage, tables with umbrellas
  • in a large auditorium with a stage
  • in the fireplace room, An ideal atmosphere for reading books, watching movies or having discussions amongst the students in polish.

Our experience in online teaching allows us to easily switch to this mode, e.g. in case of unfavorable weather conditions, etc.

It is worth adding, that access to the Polish Cultural Foundation is very convenient (exit 135 from the Garden State Parkway). We have a large parking lot.

Students and parents can not only participate, but also co-organize patriotic and cultural events.

We cordially invite you to register for the 2024/25 school year

School Registration for year 2024-2025 is available online below.

Full payment must be made by August 31, 2024.

If you have any questions please contact us at: [email protected]